Dan Dairies, Leeds, UK
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Dan Dairies, Leeds, UK

Dan Dairies, Leeds, UK

Project Overview

Dan Dairies, a leading UK manufacturer of superior quality British soft cheese and part of the Dairygold Co-operative group contacted MGT with a view to up-scaling their production capabilities and the sourcing of new equipment to meet increased demand. After careful consultation with MGT’s team of Dairy experts Dan Dairies decided to purchase 2 x 15,000ltrs Insulated, Jacketed Cream Mixing Tanks with MGT designed agitators.


Scope of Project:

  • Design, manufacture and testing of 2 x 15,000ltrs Insulated & Jacketed Cream Mixing Tanks
  • Design and fabrication of pressurized cooling jackets for Cream Mixing Tanks
  • Design, manufacture and FAT testing of Cream Mixing Agitators
  • Sea Shipment of 2 x 15,000ltrs Cream Mixing tanks and Agitators to Felixstowe sea port in UK