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Batch Pasteurizer
General Descriptions:
Batch Pasteurizer is a tank with peripheral heating, usually built for small dairies. The pasteurizer is heating batches of milk to a 650, and hold it for 30 minutes, before cool it down to the desires temperatures.
Higher pasteurization temperatures and longer holding time are available for different milk products

Batch Pasteurizer Operating Methods:
The pasteurizer is a Tank with peripheral heating. The Pasteurizer can be used for several uses in the line of the dairy process. Heating the milk to a lower temperature for longer time is better for Yogurt and Soft Cheese process. The batch pasteurizer can also be used as a fermentation tank, saving tanks and deliveries.

Technical Data:
Batch Pasteurizer comes in all sizes from: 100 2,000 liter.
Stainless steel made, double jacket with isolated layer.
Agitation system
Control board with illuminated switches, electronic controllers and alarm.
Temperature recorder.
Boiler or Electrical water heating systems.
Pipes and valves for cold and hot water.

Batch Pasteurizer cost efficiency for small dairy process. The batch pasteurizer can be used for pasteurization, fermentation tank and powder mixing system with the correct adjustment.

1,000L Batch pasteurizer   Set of Batch Pasreurizers   500L Batch Pasteurizer
Batch Pasteurizer drawing   Batch Pasteurizer for
Ice Cream Processing
  Batch Pasteurizer with
High Speed Mixer for
Powder mixing.
Electrical Panel for
Batch Pasteurizer
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