Combined solution is the perfect option!

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy your mixing systems and tanks from the same manufacturer.

1. Perfect fit – Achieve the optimal fit between your tank and agitator. Both are designed and produced at the same location from planning to production, creating the ultimate tank and agitator fit for your mixing application.

2. Expert installation = Time effectiveness – Rather than being installed by the tank manufacturer, installation by the agitator manufacturer establishs top efficiency and saves miscommunication between tank and mixer manufacturers.

3. SAVE ON COSTS!!! – Everyone wants that. One source for both items. A one stop shop.

4. 100% guarantee – The entire Mixing System is fully tested and guaranteed by the same manufacture that is responsible for the entire process and its outcomes.

5. Maintenance and support- Your entire system maintenance and support from one provider. No more of the hassle of going back and forth between customer service systems.

About MGT: Here at “MGT Liquid & Process Systems” We have been in the design and manufacturing industry for 45 years providing services of custom, innovative stainless steel tanks and mixing systems for the pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, food, chemical, ink and paint industries.We provide systems for customers worldwide with cutting edge mixing and processing technologies.

We are the One stop shop for the optimal fit.

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