Project Overview

Since launching “MOROCCANOIL” with the widely popular “MOROCCANOIL Treatment“, has grown into a beauty empire. The products – everything from shampoo and lotions to body soufflé and, most recently, sunscreen – are now available in more than 60 countries and can be found backstage at Fashion Weeks

MGT was contracted by Moroccanoil to design and fabricate cosmetics mixing systems to allow the optimization of the new moroccanoil’s color-care products production line.

Scope of Project:

  • Design and fabrication of the 5 Stainless Steel Cosmetic Mixing System 500 liter, 2500 Liter, 4500 Liter and 9000 Liter
  • Design and fabrication of Anchor and helical agitator with Scrappers, Saw-tooth Agitators, and high Shear Homogenizers.
  • FAT Testing of all tanks and agitators at MGT Facility prior to shipping
  • Installation and testing at site

The Results:

Eitan Arbel, Moroccanoil Plant Manager: “Through various projects and design reviews MGT have successfully supplied a comprehensive solution which included process vessels, mixing systems and process controls which enabled moroccanoil to produce a wide range of products, such as shampoos, crème & lotions in the best quality possible.”

At MGT, we have designed and fabricated complex mixing systems of various sizes, shapes, and volumes for leading cosmetics manufacturers – each with the optimal fit for its desired production requirements. We are the One stop shop for the optimal fit.

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