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Project Overview

Herrco Cosmetics are an innovative UK based cosmetics manufacturer, specialising in bespoke product development and formulation. For over two decades, they have been creating some of the most well-known cosmetic products in the UK, and year on year, the formulations are winning increasingly prestigious awards in top cosmetics ceremonies.

In recent years, Herrco had decided to dramatically increase its production capacity and capabilities. The production expansion plan included new mixing and processing vessels. After a detailed consultation with MGT, the decision was made to purchase two multi-purpose cold process mixing vessels with top and bottom mounted MGT designed agitators, valve clusters and pumps, control panels and purpose built gantries for access to the vessels.

Scope of Project:

  • Design, manufacture and FAT testing of 1,000ltr and 4,000ltr Cold Process Mixing Vessels

  • Design, fabrication and FAT testing of top mounted Helical Ribbon agitators and bottom mounted Homogenizer agitators for 1,000ltr and 4,000ltr Cold Process Mixing Vessels

  • Design, fabrication and testing of purpose built control panels for function of Cold Process Mixing Vessels, Agitators and Lobe Pumps

  • Design and fabrication of valve and piping clusters for Cold Process Mixing Vessels

  • Design and fabrication of stainless steel gantry to surround Cold Process Mixing Vessels

  • Sea Shipment of all equipment and material to Felixstowe sea port UK

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