MGT designs and manufactures a range of Stainless Steel Dairy Silos with volumes up to 250m3 with insulation and exterior cladding according to specific requirements.
MGT Silos can be supplied complete with fully welded Stainless Steel or Plastisol exterior cladding, insulation and dimple or half coil cooling jackets.
All MGT Silos are finished to food grade finish in accordance with the 3A standard.

Options available with dairy silos:

  • Cooling Jacket in dimple or half coil
  • Insulation with Mineral Wool or Polyurethane
  • Conical bottom or side-sloping bottom
  • Side or top mounted agitator
  • Volumes available up to 250,000 liters
  • Exterior finish in Stainless Steel or Plastisol cladding