Yoghurt & Cream

MGT Stainless steel Dairy Yoghurt Tanks and Dairy Cream Tanks have unique specifications. With MGT’s vast experience in the Dairy processing industries, MGT can offer its clients a variety of solutions to meet their Yoghurt and Cream processing requirements.

Dairy Yoghurt and Dairy Cream tanks are commonly manufactured with conical heads and bottoms, and cooled using dimple jackets on vessel shell and bottom cone. The Dairy Yoghurt tanks and Dairy Cream tanks are then usually insulated on the shell and bottom cone to maintain optimum operating and processing temperatures.

The mixing of Yoghurt and Cream is a critical part of the processing path and MGT excels in the design and manufacture of various Agitators to suit the individual processing requirement. Typical Stainless steel Agitators are UZ and Gate type Agitators, which ensure a gentle agitation of the contents.