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Project Overview

As part of the Coca Cola group of companies, Prigat Juice, one of Israel’s premier fresh juice manufacturers recently went through a major expansion and modernization program to expand their production output.
As a result of detailed consultations, MGT were awarded to order to design and manufacture 14 Orange juice concentrate mixing tanks ranging from volumes of 20,000ltrs to 40,000ltr, all with MGT Mixing designed and manufactured UZZ agitators. One of the most critical areas of the project was to overcome the very real problem of successfully mixing all juice concentrates and additives without any degradation of the fruit pulp. MGT successfully overcame this issue with our “in-house” design of our UZZ type agitator.

Scope of Project:

  • Design, manufacture and testing of 14 x 20,000ltr – 40,000ltr Orange Juice Concentrate & Mixing Tanks
  • Design, fabrication and run in of suitable agitators for concentrate tanks to ensure correct agitation of juice pulp and additives without product separation or degradation of pulp
  • FAT Testing of all Juice concentrate mixing tanks and agitators
  • Successful shipping and installation of all tanks and agitators in client’s premises
  • Commissioning and hand over of all 14 juice concentrate mixing tanks