Calypso Soft Drinks, Wrexham, UK

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Project Overview

Calypso Soft drinks is an independent family-owned company established over 125 years ago in the UK with a history of quality and customer satisfaction that stretches back to 1886 when the company was founded. When the decision was made to upgrade their production facilities, Calypso chose MGT as their preferred solution for the design and manufacture of 5 x 5,000ltr Juice Mixing tanks with MGT designed agitators.

Scope of Project:

  • Design, manufacture and testing of 5 x 5,000ltr Juice Mixing Vessels
  • Design and fabrication of top mounted UZ agitators jackets for Juice Mixing Vessels
  • Sea Shipment of 5 x 5,000ltr Juice Mixing Vessels to Felixstowe sea port in UK