The Sawtooth impellers is a high-speed disperser disc, which consists as a large number of upward and downward pointing teeth around the disc periphery. A disperser typically used in dispersion applications, e.g. mechanically break up the particles, agglomerates or powders to generate faster and homogeneity distribution or/ and increase the mass transfer / dilution of the solids into the solution. The standard circumferential speed is 15-20 m/sec creates a radial flow pattern together with vortex creation which pump the floating powder into the high shear zone of the blades. The blade surfaces then mechanically tear apart solids thereby reducing their size, and at the same time dispersing them among the liquid used as the solution fluid. The disperser is designed to process a wide range of materials of varying viscosities.

Technical features:

High-speed dispersers are ideal for dispersions that are up to a maximum of approx. 50,000 cps. When used in conjunction with multi-shaft mixers, they can be useful to several hundred thousand cps.


Coatings, ink, dye, chemical and adhesives industries.

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