Hydrofoil Turbine


Hydrofoils impellers are high efficiency impeller were developed for applications where low shear is important and axial flow is desired.
Basically they have two, three or four tapering twisted blades, which are cambered and sometimes manufactured with rounded leading edges.
The blade angle at the tip is shallower than at the hub, which causes a nearly constant pitch across the blade length. This produces a more uniform velocity across the entire discharge area.

This blade shape results in a lower power number and higher flow per unit power than with a pitched blade turbine. The flow is more streamlined in the direction of pumping, and the vortex systems of the impeller are not nearly as strong as those of the pitched blade turbine.
Moreover, a particular MGT shape blades cause minimum shearing. It has more cavitation resistance than other designs through effective hydrodynamic design.

The highly efficient MGT Impeller’s reduced weight allows for the use of longer shaft extensions for deeper tanks, and resolves associated critical speed limitations.
The hydrofoils divided to two main group impellers: low solidity and high solidity.
Solidity= ratio, defined by a projected area of impeller blades divided by the impeller horizontal cross-sectional area.

Low Solidity

Impellers These impellers are very efficient impellers for liquid blending and solids suspension.
Our design is very unique and there no interior shadow sides between the blades and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.

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