Coating Types

Top mounted agitators:

Top mounted agitators are the most common installation for various applications and industries where the tank heigh is relatively low.

The shaft connection to the tank may be sealed or unsealed, depending on presence of pressure and use of vessel.

Top mounted agitators for very large tanks are usually not economical as consideration of shaft shear and stress as well as natural frequency of the system may result in awkward design.

Top mounted agitators are divided into 3 main configurations: Centrical (with baffles at turbulent regime and without baffles at laminar regime), off-centrical and angular inclined mounted.

Off-centrical and angular inclined top mounted configuration is mostly used without additional baffles which limit the agitation to lower intensity. The advantage of this configuration is improved cleaning of the mixing vessel.

Side mounted agitators:

Side mounted configurations are commonly used at large volume operation. At low viscosity products applications the preferred design is small impellers with high rotation speed.

Bottom mounted agitators:

Bottom mounted agitators are a preferred configuration where low volume agitation is essential.

centrical top mounted agitator
Off-Centrical and angular agitator mounting
Side and Bottom mounted agitator