Mechanical Seals

A Mechanical Seal is a common device used for sealing rotating shaft where it penetrates the housing.
The mechanical seal has evolved from its basic form, to fulfill the need of sealing high speed, high pressure machinery along with requirements for longer working life and lower maintenance cost.

Mechanical Seals are produced in a variety of designs and configurations as Component.
Seals and Cartridge, Split Seals, Top or Bottom Entry, Inside or Outside installation etc.

  • The Component Seal – Need advanced skills for installation.
  • The Cartridge Seal – is a pre-assembled package of seal components, needs basic skills for installation.
  • Split Seal – These seals are literally cut or split in half and they are assembled onto the equipment without removal or disassembly of the major equipment components. Used mainly for large shafts and heavy components. Obviously, these seals are prone to leak more rapidly than non-split seals.
  • Special Seals – Special designed seal for extremely severe operating conditions.
  • For example used materials:


Housing – stainless steel.
Product wetted parts- Stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, other special materials
Seals rings – Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide etc.
O-rings and gaskets – FKM, EPDM, Silicone and Silicon Fluoride, Teflon and special materials.
FDA approval – Possible for all product-wetted parts.


  • FDA approval – Possible for all product-wetted parts.
Mechanical seals