Mixing Systems

High Speed Dispersion Mixing System

Used in dispersion applications.
Breakup of droplets in liquid-liquid systems. The blade rotates at up to 3000 rpm.
The blade creates a vortex that pulls in the contents.The blade surfaces then mechanically reducing solids in their size, for preparing baby lotions.

Helical Ribbon Agitator with Bottom Mounted
High Shear Mixer

Interchangeable stators enable precise high shear mixing according specifics needs.
This system is suitable to work at various viscosities up 250.000 cP, furthermore wall scrappers for enhanced heat transfer ad sweep the walls.

High Efficient Coaxial Mixing Systems

Helical Ribbon Agitator in combination with High Efficiency Mixer 2 different impellers for efficient high viscous liquids like Body Cream, Cosmetics & Fine foods.

Customized Mixing System

Such as coaxial agitators each mixer is powered by independent electric drive-motors operating at different speeds for mixing and dispersion. The two agitators mainly rotated at counter current mode.